Serendipity Photography is me, Lynn Fothergill, lover of life, learning, and DOGS!
My photography journey has lead me down many paths, including gaining my Licentiate with the PSNZ (Photographic Society of NZ) and completing my Diploma of Digital Photography through the Southern Institute of Technology in 2018. The creation of a portfolio for my diploma has lead me to hone my skills in photographing your best friend and mine - For the Love of Dogs.
I grew up with farm dogs and always annoyed my father by trying to make them my friends! For the past 13 years I have owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. My first, Hugo, passed over the Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago, and Stirling sadly joined him in 2019. I absolutely treasure the photos I have of them. Currently I live with Reilly and Halo. I have been told they must be the most photographed dogs in South Auckland!
I prefer to showcase your dog in outdoor natural light, and am happy to travel with a 90 minute radius of my home in Manurewa, South Auckland, to your home or preferred location, or we can meet at a reserve local to me. For smaller dogs I am able to accommodate you at my natural light home studio (my garage!)
My aim is to capture with my lens the dog that YOU know. Whether you want your friend presented as a soulful portrait, a spirited action shot or a photograph that tells the story of a relationship with a human or fellow canine, we will work together to realise your vision.
I always spend time getting to know you and your dog before embarking (see what I did there?) on your shoot. I have been told I am somewhat of a 'dog whisperer', able to get a quality photograph of that dog that never looks the right way, sits still or cooperates with the owner for photos! When it comes to dogs, patience is my middle name.
When I am not photographing dogs, I love to photograph people, especially children, and birds/wildlife. I also love to travel - with camera in hand of course! If you visit my social media pages you'll see a lot more than dogs.
In 2019 I officially started by photography business. For information and introductory pricing plans, click here.
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